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St. Joseph School - Arguably the finest high-school in the country. When most of the country's pilots and top-notch engineers and doctors come from this school, who would argue with this, anyways? To its credit, no dictator has ever come from St. Joe. BTW, Shimelis Mazengai of the Dergue era was never a St. Joe student; but just a teacher.

High Schools in Addis Ababa

Earlier in the week, we sent out our photographer to take some snaps-shots of Addis'  popular high-schools. As always, we had laid out some specifications. Let us say that close-up pictures, and coverage of all high-schools in Addis Ababa were some of the instructions we had given.

But then, as always, our photography crew had its own mind. For instance, they didn't want General Wingate School included. And the reason is...? 

Black Lion High - School. Located along the Churchill Rd. The art of 3 shifts of classes, according to rumors, was perfected here....too many students..

Medhane Alem School. This is a new building shown here; however MAS is among the city's oldest schools. 

Who knows...but we suspect that the bad reputation the school enjoys in once educating some of the nasty politicos and dictes in town may have been the reason. How about the other notable schools missing here? Nazreth School ? The Zebegna attempted to break a camera and threatened to call the Ferenjoch!..Ooohh... Kokebe Tsibah and Asfa Wossen Schools? Ugly uniforms. Nifas Silk? A zebegna with bad mood + un-cooperative taxi driver. St. Mary? Too far...way far from the center of our city..also needed clearance from Oromia Kilil. 

Yekatit 12 High School. Named in honor of the brutal  massacre the Italians carried out in the 30s in Addis in response to Abraha Deboch and Moges Asgedom's brave act, Yekaktit 12's students were among the victims of last March's unrest.  

Lycee School. Favored by the city's "negades", expatriates and every middle-aged party member in Addis. 

Teferi Mekonnen school [named Intoto HS by the Dergue] was built by H/Selassie himself. It used to be the coolest school in town back then. Its reputation now, however, is as a hotbed of political dissent and Indian high-school teachers with MS degree. 


Another view of Lycee School by Churchill Road.

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