Photo Essay - Langano - November 11, 2001 -  MediaETHIOPIA
For long, the beautiful Langano lake area had been associated with only one name - the legendary Hotelier, the late Ato Bekele Mola who was the first to build a hotel by the sandy beaches of this great lake. Along with the government's tourist commission, the latest arrival Abull Bassuma Hotel has made Langano one of the hottest weekend destinations for the cool crowd of Addis.
Its sandy beaches, its healthy but brown water, the numerous hiking paths, the wild fire-side parties with Azmari and all are some of the reasons our crew quoted as an excuse to drop by there as part of its assignment for the week. Perhaps, some of  Langano's greatest attractions are its tranquility and the good nature of the local people. 

Interestingly, despite the great sandy beach, what was on the minds of our short-wearing crew was not swimming but the upcoming 10K race in Addis. An early morning practice run for the race at 500 or so ft altitude after a night of partying, we were told by the crew, took an hour and fifty minutes. These guys, we say, are unfit and we are kind of worried for them when you consider the record  is 25 minutes or so.

Talking about the race.....that is their next assignment...the pictures and the running, we mean.


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