- Photo Essay May 15, 2006

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Mobile Phones in Ethiopia

Just a few days ago, our friends at a new Ethiopian mobile communications company called FeedeliX Wireless called us and asked us if we can do a story on mobile phone use in Ethiopia, especially Addis Ababa. It is not everyday that we get such kinds of 'safe' assignments and we were glad to do a piece promising a 12 hour turn-around.  The offer by Feedelix to sponsor this issue of photo essay was also something we could not pass. So, we spent a good part of a Thursday morning in Addis Ababa in this month of May - the month of surprises - talking to ordinary Addis Ababans and taking some pictures to get a sense of the prevalence of this technology. We visited the city's cafes, souks, and work places and talked to taxi drivers, SIM card vendors, businessmen and businesswomen in Merkato, coffee exporters, and even gardeners.  The pictures here show just a glimpse of what we found out. The city and the country are poised for an explosive growth in mobile phones. In the ideal world where things would work for the best interest of the country, we thought number of mobile phones in Addis Ababa alone could number in the millions. So, we keep  the hope alive as we welcome the recent news that Feedel has gone mobile enabling text messaging in Amharic, Oromigna, Tigrigna and Guragigna.

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